Aloe Design - Our Philosophy

Our people-and-planet-conscious philosophy drives our approach to everything we do. We believe…

  • that the best outdoor living spaces are simple yet chic, while also smart and sustainable
  • that digging our hands into the earth is the truest way to become grounded and full of clarity
  • that the color green is just as important as any other colour in the garden
  • that healthy lifestyles are supported by shopping at local farmers' markets, meeting our farmers, and knowing that we are supporting our growing community
  • that fresh water and nutritious food are good for both our bodies and our gardens
  • that we should live life knowing that anything can happen, but only if we make it.
  • in dreamers; without them, life would not be as much fun.

Above all else we believe in beautiful garden spaces that reflect your home, your life, and you.

Move outdoors. Live outside