Aloe Design - Owen Black

Owen Black

Over ten years ago Owen unknowingly began his gardening career by taking a second job with a landscaping company to fund a well needed trip to Europe and Africa. A year later he resumed what would become a career as a passionate gardener. Through training, experience and many, many long days in the ‘dirt' he gained an appreciation for the rewarding benefits of working with the land.

He has participated in many technical, hands-on courses through various local institutions, and continues to learn with every new theory and trend in garden design. After completing a diploma from the UBC Garden Design Certificate Program he graduated from the Master Gardeners course. By using the blueprints of solid design Owen continues to maintain, create and shape gardens into works of art throughout Vancouver and beyond. He practices with organic and sustainable resources and continues to hold a great passion for working outside, in the garden, even in the rain.

Rest of the team: Caitlin Black, Gwen Polivka, Laura Gorry